Make the Case for DAM

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Sometimes what’s obvious to you isn’t so obvious to everybody else. You can see that a digital asset management (DAM) system can help you and your team be more efficient and productive and, ultimately, build a stronger brand. But the people holding the money don’t necessarily have the same priorities.

You can use this guide to build your case. DAM systems are now a key part of marketing operations infrastructure. As marketing organizations work to keep pace with digital lifestyles, their communication programs have to move faster and connect to more and more channels. DAMs are the central hub around which distributed marketing teams - as well as their agencies and partners - operate.

That being said, budget decisions are made by individuals who probably won’t use digital asset management in their day-to-day work. It may be hard for them to relate to the complexity of working with hundreds or thousands of digital assets, and they may not be familiar with what it takes to coordinate the development, approval and distribution of marketing assets with different teams and partners. You need to spell out exactly what makes the process timeconsuming and inefficient when presenting your argument.

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